Tips to Apply for Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship

Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship

What is a Good Quality Scholarship Certificate? This article will provide you with general information about the Bonafide certification and teach you ways to write down the right Bonafide certification for the scholarship.

Bonafide Certificate.

A Bonafide certificate is important in every area of life and not just for students who wish to use for scholarships. An organization’s employer may issue a Bonafide certificate to its employee as evidence and proof that the employee is working for that organization.

The Importance of Bonafide Certification

A Bonafide certificate is like any certificate is a documentary evidence. It is usually issued as evidence that the person is a member of a specific institute, organization, department, etc. in the case of students it proves that the person is a student of a certain school at a certain time. It is used to prove the authenticity of a person’s identity.
When receiving a scholarship, applying for a visa, educational loan, employment or other opportunities, a reliable certificate is required.

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Purpose of the Bonafide Certificate

Admittedly, a Bonafide certificate is typically required when applying for an external scholarship; it’s quite useful in other areas of life such as:

Public transport agencies such as city buses, local trains and the metro usually provide student discounts, and students may be required to present this certificate to benefit from such discounts
You may also need a certificate when applying for a passport.

Most student visa applications require this certificate for students studying abroad.
Banks and lenders usually offer student loans with a low interest rate to apply for this loan, students may be required to present a student certificate.

Certain conferences, seminars or other such events are held for students/staff only and admission to such events can be granted upon presentation of this certificate.
Employees can prove their eligibility with this certificate.

Application for Bonafide Certificate

In order to obtain a Bonafide Certificate, a person interested in obtaining one will have to submit an application to the appropriate institution or facility. The application for the Bonafide Certificate requires a written form.

Usually this is a letter asking for a Bonafide certification. Some educational institutions have to submit an application in a specific format. In this article, you will find the recommended format for applying for a Bonafide certification.

Application for a Bonafide Certificate from the school for Scholarship

Bonafide certification is very important for students. This is not only needed when applying for a scholarship, but is very important for students interested in getting a visa, loans and other student benefits necessary for students. Students can follow the guidance in this article to request a Bonafide certification.

Bonafide Passport Certificate

Students who are away from their homes and wish to apply for a passport require a certificate of good faith. The passport agency then requires an authentic certificate as proof of ongoing education and other verification purposes.
When requesting a Bonafide certificate for passporting purposes, the letter must be clearly written and contain all necessary information and evidence, such as student ID, grading sheets, certificates of achievement, etc., the letter should be addressed to the Rector or Head of Department.

Bonafide Student Certificate

The Bonafide Student certificate shows that the student is a reliable student of this school. The Certificate of Authenticity issued to the student should be displayed on the school’s letterhead only and should be duly signed and stamped. The issued certificate is valid for only three months. It contains important information such as:

  • Name and surname of the student
  • Name of the student’s school or university.
  • Student entry number.
  • The student’s current class.

How to Write an Application for a Bonafide Certificate from a School.

When applying to get an Honest Scholarship Certificate, please note that this is a formal letter and should follow some rules of formal letter of request. In this article, you will find some useful tips that you can use when applying for a scholarship.

Tips for applying for a Bonafide certification

First, your letter of request should focus on the recipient. In this case, the recipient of your letter may be the headmaster / headmaster of the school. Your letter of request should not focus solely on you.
It is quite possible that your school principal may not know you personally. You have to introduce yourself. When introducing yourself, include your name, your current level, and so on.

Your letter should be fairly formal and simple. After introducing yourself, define the purpose of your letter. Be direct and avoid unimportant details. Let the reader know exactly what you are asking for.

Being polite permeates every aspect of our lives. You must be courteous and respectful when applying for a bonafide scholarship certificate. It will do you great harm if the tone of your letter is rude and disrespectful.
Most importantly, don’t forget to include your contact details in the list.
Before closing the letter, thank the person for considering your request.

Bonafide certificate Interesting Tip

In this article, you will find the necessary tips that you can use when writing your scholarship certificate letter. Note, although each institution may have its own certificate format, it will contain data such as the name of the institution printed on letterhead, date of issue, details of the student to whom the certificate is issued, and the signature of the head of the institution. We will still provide you with a sample to use when applying for bonafide certification. You can edit this letter to suit your goals.

The Chancellor
University of New Delhi
New Delhi

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a 10th grade student at this university with registration number 047. I want to apply for a UK scholarship program and need a Bonafide certificate for the application process. Please kindly issue a Bonafide certificate at the earliest.

I hope that my request will be received positively.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
Jonny Richard

Bonafide certificate sample

Most Bonafide certificates for a scholarship usually follow a uniform format such as this:

This is to certify that Mr. Jonny Richard, son of Mr. Richard, is a real student at the University of Delhi with registration number 047. He is studying in the Faculty of Medicine and currently in his second semester in grade 10. He joined this college in the 2015 academic year

It is also confirmed that the University of Delhi is an accredited institution in India.

It is also certified that the student does not benefit from any other aid in the form of a grant or sponsorship from the Govt. Assam / Govt. India or any other organization.

College stamp Signature of the principal / dean (the signing authority will be stamped)

Date ______________ Place ______________

Bonafide certificate form

Most institutes have their own application forms that must be completed and submitted to the institutes so that the institute can issue a certificate of good quality. Applicants are simply required to complete the form with their details.

A sample Bonafide certificate form looks like this:

Application for Bonafide Certification

To the director / chancellor
Personal data

Replace completely:


Last Exam Year:

Reason for certificate requirement:

Hostel stay: YES / NO

Roll No :


I am asking for a Bonafide certificate for the scholarship

Thank you

Bonafide PDF Certificate

Some schools may provide links from which students can easily download the Bonafide Certificate Form. Students are required to complete a form with accurate details and submit it to the appropriate authorities. If a form or no specific format is present, students or staff can write a letter outlining their needs and the information needed on the certificate.

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