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royal commonwealth society usa
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The Royal Commonwealth Society is an educational charity provider which aim is to promote education at the national and international level to communities of the less privileged, understanding the value of education to children.

The royal commonwealth society scholarship will assist students in countries among the commonwealth nation in their education funding/studies.

 Royal Commonwealth Society Scholarship

The Royal Commonwealth Society Scholarship is a subdivision in Commonwealth Society. They aim to provide education opportunities like scholarship, essay writing competition, and extensive learning; the ongoing Royal Commonwealth Scholarship is open for candidates who want to obtain their Master’s degree or Ph.D. Degree at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

The University of Canterbury New Zealand

The University of Canterbury is the oldest university located in New Zealand; they offer a wide variety of courses, a Scholarship program to both National and International Students.

University of Canterbury Colleges and Departments

The College of Art is academically vibrant and culturally diverse, Art degree are offered in over 40 disciplines in the humanities.

You make your difference between carrier in Education and Health.

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The University of Canterbury New Zealand offers a highly recommend science courses with good qualifications in science.

The University of Canterbury New Zealand are disciplined to use high quality designed product

What is Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 independent and equal countries.

It is home to 2.5 billion people, and includes both advanced economies and developing countries. 32 of our members are small states, including many island nations.

The member governments have agreed to shared goals like development, democracy and peace. Our values and principles are expressed in the Commonwealth Charter.

The Commonwealth’s roots go back to the British Empire. But today any country can join the modern Commonwealth. The last country to join the Commonwealth was Rwanda in 2009.

Eligibility for The Royal Commonwealth Society Scholarship USA

  • The scholarship is open for commonwealth member countries
  • Applicant must be enrolled in a fulltime or part time program for a Masters degree or Ph.D. degree
  • Applicant must meet the requirement of the University of the Canterbury New Zealand

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How to Apply for Royal Commonwealth Society Scholarship USA 

Applicant must have meet the eligibility of the application, thereby applicant will have to be accepted for a postgraduate program at the university of the Canterbury New Zealand.

Steps for Application:

Applicants for a postgraduate degree in the university are needed to have their qualifications showing their previous studies in a bachelor’s degree or a qualification or combination of qualifications considered to be equivalent.

Apply for the scholarship Benefits.

The grant will be awarded worth up to $2,500 to each successful scholar.

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