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global cyber university of Korea

Global Cyber University is an international university dedicated to creating an educational and suitable moral impact on society.

Their mission is to build up the young carrier and make the world a better place.

After the High School program, the following mindset is to enroll in the university and achieve a higher degree, becoming advanced in a particular field of study.

The Global Cyber University is a multi-educational institute located in Hongik deal. they value the importance of education, knowing its positive impact on the future generation of the world, hence practicing their Korean culture in a promotion.

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Global Cyber University ensures that its yearly education calendar is compatible with other recreational activities carried out in the college.

Due to the global awareness of the institution, they have opt-in to an online base study system; this will enable the students to study at the comfort of their home.

Greatness is achieving one desired Goal” therefore, I advise and encourage you to apply and start carrier journey; if you have chosen education as your pathway in life,

Studying at Global Cyber University will expose you to so many things in life such as Korean activities, arts, culture, and some many other exciting activities carried out in the college.

I have listed a table of content that will easily guide you to quickly explore all you need to know about Global Cyber University.

Table of Content

  • About Global Cyber University.

Global Cyber University is one of the newest and most innovative and outstanding universities in Korea; it was founded in 2010; they are best known for their outstanding method study.

Studying at the Global Cyber University is a step to dream actualization Global Cyber University offers programs that you could find interesting to choose.

What makes them the best

The first thing you are to consider while choosing to become educational flamboyant is what do I want to be, which carrier I am destined to, and how do I achieve them at a maximum level.

With the answers to these few questions above defiantly you will know what is best for you before choosing Global Cyber University and its activities. 

What is the Global Cyber University known for?

At Global Cyber University, they work time without number to ensure they create and maintain an excellent educational standard which merges them among the top 5 universities in Korea.

They keep in mind that the actualization of dreams in the world has become their priority to people to build up many advanced people in the world, as a result of this to live the life Hongik Ideal. 

Global Cyber University promotes the Korea Culture and spreads the Hallyu by creating global awareness of their culture in the university.

Global Cyber University believes in the power and influence of education in society; that is why they make education their hubby over engaging in social entertainment activities such as watching Tv movie series.

However, with global advancement in technology, Global Cyber University has transformed into an internet-based education system.

This will enable many individuals who want to learn without walking to the school to engage in studies from the comfort of their homes.

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  • About their Accreditation

Is the Global Cyber University Accredited? the answer is yes, the Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology accredited Global Cyber University is a 4years course institution.

Global Cyber University Programs

Global Cyber University offers a variety of courses but is classified under three categories: Basic category, Development, and Advanced Category.

The Basic Category

Introduction to Social Welfare,

Human Behaviour and Social Environment,

Social Welfare Ethics and Philosophy

Volunteerism, Aging Society, Care Welfare, Mental Health

Gymnastics and Breathing Techniques

Development Category

Applied Social Welfare Skills, Social Welfare Policy, Social Welfare Administration

Social Welfare Research, Community Welfare, Social Welfare in Practice

Healthy Aging, Counseling Psychology, Brain-Based Emotional Coaching

Program Development and Evaluation

Family Welfare, Disability Welfare, Life Coaching

Social Welfare Law in Practice, Elderly Welfare, Youth Welfare

Advanced Category

Case Management, Social Welfare History,

Youth Psychology and Counseling

Social Work Field Practice, Social Welfare Facility Management

  • Tuition Fee (in KRW)

The tuition fee of the university is quite affordable for every average individual.

Acceptance Fee: KRW 166,000 Approximately $150

Course Fee: KRW 70,000 per credit

The total course fee offered by this university is 18 credits for 6 courses

make it total sum of 70,000×18 = KRW 1,260,000

Payment methods: credit cards or wire transfer

  • How to Apply for Global Cyber University.

As to enroll and be a student at Global Cyber University, there are some steps required from you to be a student here; follow the guidelines below to proceed with the application:

Submit Online Application

  • Go to
  • Fill out the application form completely and save.
  • Make application fee payment (KRW 30,000)
  • Fill out Study Plan and Academic Aptitude Test


Documents Required:

  • Official entire years of transcripts for high school (Translated and notarized)
  • If you graduated in different countries for elementary school, middle school, and high school,
  • You need to submit all official transcripts of them (elementary school, middle school, and high school).
  • Official High School Diploma (Translated and notarized)
  • Official Agreement for Enrollment and Academic Credits (Attached file)
  • Academic History Verification Report or the Verification of Apostille
  • Please contact education-related public institutions or the applicant’s embassy or consulate for the information about the Academic History Verification Report
  • A 3×4 inches of applicant’s photo
  • Online GCU Application Form (Download)
  • Copy of passport

Method of Interview:

There interview could be offline or online 

  • Further notice will be given when it reaches to that.

Decision Notification:

  • Further notice will be given
  • Conclusion

Good training builds up the ability to face challenges. If you want to apply for this college program, follow the complete detailed guidelines about the college provided. The Global Cyber University can build and brightened you to achieve your carrier.

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