50 Ultimate Teachers Superpower

ultimate 50 teacher superpower

What teacher superpower do you possess as a teacher in this current era? indicate in the comment section tagging other teachers?

“teachers have been the superpower hand behind every kid with the implementation of love for teaching, and love for learning”

Every teacher out there possesses a unique superpower, with the special ability to apply it to the student, below is the list of superpowers teachers possess.

  1. The ability to read the minds of your students
  2. Being able to decode students handwritings
  3. Work as an FBI being able to detect lies among the students.
  4. Ability to listen to complaints of any forms
  5. Being vigilant like birds
  6. Having bath ear
  7. possessing eye of an owl
  8. Making out time available for you and the students
  9. Being an expert in anger management
  10. Having eight-arm like an octopus
  11. Resolution and dissolution to cases
  12. Being a stand-up Comedian when necessary
  13. Looking like to know everything
  14. Being able to buy books
  15. Ability to fix the photocopier
  16. Being able to run an errand
  17. Ability to sit back and watch behavioral activities
  18. Having the ability to give first aid
  19. Having the ability to switch mood like Mr. Tumble to Miss Trunchbull in under 3 seconds
  20. The ability to sit through CPD and meetings that would unhinge a normal person
  21. Having the ability to predict the future
  22. Ability to be courageous in facing challenges from parents
  23. Having the ability to dress up without beauty makeup consideration
  24. Having the ability to transform a blank wall into a learning space
  25. Having the ability to impact knowledge anytime
  26. The ability to survive on just 3 hours of sleep a night
  27. Having thicker skin than a Rhino and an armadillo
  28. The ability to partake in all types of sports
  29. Building peace and harmony
  30. Spreading love without limit
  31. Reading books that could stress the brain for hours
  32. Ability to curtail all manner that could arise
  33. Having in mind to spend money any time
  34. Being able to conduct assemble on time
  35. Being able to teach many students without limit in numbers
  36. Being able to ensure all students are carried along with the teaching
  37. Going through submitted home works
  38. Having your finger on the pulse of every conversation
  39. Being able to tell each student attitude
  40. Being able to defend your students
  41. Being able to read storybooks like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  42. Being able to produce multiple “AHA, I get it” moments throughout the year
  43. Producing high intelligent students
  44. Being able to teach whilst the grass is being cut outside your class
  45. Holding the attention of 50 people for a whole day, 5 days a week
  46. Ability to skip the launch
  47. Having the ability to eat biscuits and sweets in the class while no student is aware
  48. Being able to spiral bind textbooks
  49. Being able to wear costumes to the class
  50. Being able to avoid racism

With these great points produced, I guess there is nothing missing?

Superhero in Children

To all children, teachers are superheroes to the world, they deserve huge respect, look up to them, and admire them always.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that they are someone today is because of 70% Inspirational thought impacted by their teachers”

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